• Snippet
    Quickly extract your specific Github PRs with links last week (or earlier than last week) to markdown formats.

  • Linter
    A simple tool to make it easy to introduce SwiftLint from zero especially for a new project.

  • PackageBuilder
    PackageBuilder builds a simple command-line structure by SwiftPM.

  • stodo
    Swifty command-line tool for todo list.
    No longer being maintained/updated.

  • EsaKit
    A Swift framework for the API
    No longer being maintained/updated.

iOS App (Personal app including all designs)

  • Kigen: Todo List for reminder [iTunes link]
    No longer being maintained/updated.

Kigen is a Todo list for reminder. It helps you remind of your important tasks.

kigen01 kigen02

  • Taskey - Task & Todo list (Removed from sale)

Tasky is a quick, cool, simple and intuitive task management application that helps you get stuff done.

taskey01 taskey02

  • Esafeed for (Removed from sale)

Esafeed is a feed reader for

esafeed01 esafeed02

  • Motivation from age (Removed from sale)

Motivation from age terrifyingly shows your age.

motivation01 motivation02