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I’m Hiroki Nagasawa and I currently live in Porto, Portugal. Thank you for visiting this site. I mostly develop iOS apps, libraries, and tools. My motto is to create something that fills people all over the world with great :Delight. I’ll share some pratical tips in my blog. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me. On a more personal note, my account name “pixyzehn” comes from my childhood football hero Dragan Stojkovic. He was my superstar in football when I was a child.

I like taking photos with my iPhone or RICOH GR everywhere I go, but especially in the mountains. You can take a look at my photos in Instagram. I have put my favorite links just for myself. I like trekking or hiking in my free time. This is the mountain lists that I climbed.

Feel free to say hi :+1:

About This Site

I build this site by jekyll. So far It looks good for me. I write articles in Markdown and deploy this site using Github.

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