The other day I started using Jekyll, but I was searching for an effective way to write a post. I didn’t take a time to set up for writing. I just want to manage contents by using Github.

I found Jekyll’s Google Summer of Code Project in Jekyll news.

These students are working on a project that fills a huge need for the community: a graphical solution for managing your site’s content. Current plans include a fully-integrated admin which spins up when you run jekyll serve and provides a friendly web interface for creating and editing your content. The server and web interface will speak a common HTTP interface so either piece could be switched out for, e.g. a server which writes directly to a repository on GitHub.

The project includes a graphical solution for managing your site’s content. It looks really good, but unfortunately this is under development, so I have to wait for that.

But suddenly, I found It looks like good contents management system for now. It works!! I could import my jekyll blog easily and fast. Also, I can connect Github from They provide many options for each user.

I hope the following things will be improved in the near future:)

  • Still printing the Forestry docs.
  • Cannot see preview
  • Edit commit message
  • Publish function

And there are other CMS platform options here.