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Struct References

Recently I was trying to find a good use for Swift’s new keypaths. This post shows one example that accidentally came up. This is something I’ve researched, and not something I’ve used in production code. That said, I think it’s very cool and I’d like to show it.

A favorite hack

In my latest update to Pedometer++ I had to remove the feature where you could badge your app’s icon with your current step count. In doing so I also removed one of the all time favorite hacks I’ve ever written. I felt that this deserved a little send off before it departs off into my Git history.

Customizing the file header comment and other text macros in Xcode 9

I’m not a fan of the default file header comment Xcode adds to new source files. I’d argue that most of the information in the file header is either irrelevant or better tracked through source control. Moreover, these comments can quickly become outdated as files and projects get renamed.

All about Concurrency in Swift - Part 2: The Future

In the first part of this series we have seen what you’ll have to deal with when working with concurrency, how to reason about some typical multithreading problems, what you’ll need to pay special attention to, and we’ve also looked into some of the traditional instruments we have at our disposal when writing Swift applications.


Swift Performance

Matt Gallagher at Playgrounds Conference 2017



DirectoryMonitor - Swift 3


Simple global shortcuts in macOS


Swift file descriptor / socket library


Super simple caching solution for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS


Submit your question to the upcoming Swift by Sundell Podcast

I’ll be launching a new podcast soon, on which me and special guests will answer your questions about Swift development, frameworks, tools & techniques. I’m super excited about it!

No Maintenance Intended

If you’re here, that likely means a project linked you here.

fzf 0.16.10

A new version of fzf is out. It’s a minor update with no new feature, but “this is the best fzf ever”. This version improves the initial scanning performance with reduced memory footprint.

Moving back to Berlin

Working remotely is great if you are a remote person. I’m not.


Episode 153 – Who’s Next

This week we follow up on 1Password Memberships and updates, as well as even more iPhone 8 rumors. We discuss Apple’s addition of a customer support delegate in iTunesConnect. We look at cracking the code in Apple’s Gift Cards and Apple’s new Machine Learning Journal blog. Picks: Another Xcode 9 gem: The Simulator now comes with a Share extension to transfer URLs, Files, Locations, etc. and more User Breakpoints in Xcode

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