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Identifying objects in Swift

This week, let’s take a look at some common concepts of identity that we have at our disposal in Swift, and how we can use them in different ways for values and objects.

User Breakpoints in Xcode

Everybody uses breakpoints in Xcode, but are you aware of user breakpoints? I am going to show you how to use them and what to use them for. If you already know what user breakpoints are and how to use them, check out the list at the end of the article and see what we use them for at PSPDFKit. Maybe there is something new for you to add to your list!

Changes to location tracking in iOS 11

Apart from a whole bunch of new frameworks (see the whole list here), iOS 11 also makes some major changes to existing APIs. One of the affected areas is location tracking. If your app only uses location while the app is in the foreground, as most apps do, you might not have to change anything at all; however, if it’s one of those apps that continuously track user’s location throughout the day, you should probably book some time this summer for making some changes in how you do the tracking and testing possible usage scenarios.

Refactoring Reveals Truths

This is a post I’ve been trying to write for a long time — literally years — and have struggled for want of the perfect example. I think I’ve finally found the one, courtesy of David James, Tim Vermeulen, Dave DeLong, and Erica Sadun.

Swifty Localization with Xcode Support

Localization can be as much fun as unit testing. And like unit testing, it can be fun if it makes your code more robust and flexible (dependency injection and encapsulation anyone?). For example, once you internationalize your app and start viewing it in right-to-left languages, you’ll notice areas you’ve been using auto-layout wrong and start better habits such as using UIStackViews over UILabel text-alignments or tweaking hugging and resistance priorities. There’s one nagging thing that keeps coming up with localization though…

Strongly typed identifiers in Swift

In a lot of our code, we have structs that contain some sort of identifier. This is usually a serverside generated id, that uniquely identifies some record in a database.


Why the Func, Daniel Steinberg

This is a code I used to write. [receiver doThis]; It’s a code a lot of us used to write. It’s the way we looked at the world. We looked at the world with OO and we sent messages to receivers. Sometimes our messages took arguments. And so we had colons in there too and sometimes we had multiple colons. But we programmed this for a long time because we came from the small talk world and it was all about sending messages to receivers and that’s the way OO worked.



Protocol oriented way to handle Notification Center


Simple, reliable, background processing for Swift


A Blogging Engine and Platform written in Swift for use with the Vapor Framework


Bundle Command Line Tool in macOS App

For Whiskey, (a text editor I used to work on in my free time) I included a command line tool that did the same thing as the subl command. Super convenient for people that are used to this workflow and wanted to do that with Whiskey.

iPhone Pro and FaceID

As always for this time of year, there’s a lot of rumours going around about the upcoming iPhone. This year seems more important than usual for Apple as it’s the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone, and all rumours seem to indicate that this is going to be a big year.


88: Working From Home

Options, benefits, and challenges of working at home.

Episode 152 – Word Jail

We start the show answering a question about the LG Ultrafine 4K display. The end of the Windows Phone, finding older macOS installers, and updating your App Store pages are covered in the follow up. PayPal is now a payment option when purchasing apps on the App Store. Google is using AI to vet apps on the Play Store. 1Password is encouraging users to use their cloud based subscription service, which has created reactions about security and convenience. Microsoft Seeing AI app assists users with visually navigating the environments. We discuss the panicky headlines around iPhone 8 feature rumors. Picks: Safe Area Layout Guide, KFC’s iPhone killer has arrived, Fixing Autocompletion on Mixed Objective-C and Swift Projects, ARKit Tutorial in Swift 4 for Xcode 9 using SceneKit

33. Server-Side Swift in Practice

Chris and Soroush dive deep on server-side Swift.

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