This is the #25 article. I created PackageBuilder that builds a simple command-line structure by SwiftPM. If you’d like to know more details, see this article:)


Swift Tricks: Searching for Objects by Type

It’s very similar to the previous iteration, but the strategic application of lazy saves work in the case that subviews is very large (and the SpecialView isn’t at the end of the array). It also reads fairly concisely, even if you’re unsure what lazy does – and the phrasing of “lazy flat map” lends itself well to searching documentation or other resources.

#42 Review all the things!

Today we’d like to share a talk presented on May 14th at the UIKonf conference in Berlin.

Xcode Autocomplete Frustrations

A year after it debuted, Xcode’s enhanced autocomplete features continue to struggle with overly liberal matches

Getting started with Xcode UI testing in Swift

UI testing is a great way to ensure that your most critical UI interactions keep working as you’re adding new features or refactoring your app’s codebase. It’s also a nice way to automate repetitive tasks when working on UI code (when you have to navigate deep into your app in order to test something you’re working on, for example).


The Two Sides of Writing Testable Code

There are precisely two things that make functions fully testable: the isolation of effects and the surfacing of ‘co-effects’. We will explore a bit of the formal theory behind these two sides, and show how they lead to code that can be easily tested. We will also show how we do this at Kickstarter by diving into our recently open sourced codebase.

Making Slackbots deploy iOS apps for you

In this presentation I talked about the issues a big dev team like ours had when deploying iOS apps to TestFlight and Crashlytics, as well as the solutions that Fastlane, Slack, and Vapor framework has provided us.



A GitHub project manager app for iOS.


A simple Apple Wallet server.


PackageBuilder builds a simple command-line structure by SwiftPM.



In my opinion, we should give our brain a meditation-like peace not only these 15 minutes of meditation but for the whole day.

Open sourcing the Firebase SDKs

Today, at Google I/O 2017, we are pleased to announce that we are taking our first steps towards open sourcing our client libraries. By making our SDKs open, we’re aiming to show our commitment to greater transparency and to building a stronger developer community.

Swift is like Kotlin

The average developer on the Mac

…IS 29.6 YEARS OLD AND RATHER MALE. With 95% of participants being men, we hope to get more female developers with next year’s survey!


Episode 143 – A Factorial Set of Permutations

This week we follow up on Apple’s drop of affiliate commissions with Kim Ahlberg. We also follow up on Mac App Store vs direct purchasing after Handbrake was hacked with malware. We also followup on Apple in the Classroom. We discuss Uber launching a Toronto branch of their self-driving car research group. Tim’s talks about his recent training session on clean architecture with Jorge Ortiz. Jaime introduces the Amazon Echo Show and the updated Visual Studio for Mac. Picks: Fira Code font, Yelp Local Graph, “Clarity, Cohesion, Coupling, Complexity”.

53: Will Townsend - iOS Team Lead at PaperKite

Come to The SwiftCoders Meet & Greet at AltConf 2017. Find all the details here:

Will is the iOS Team Lead at PaperKite, a mobile development agency based in Wellington, New Zealand. I wanted to interview Will because he recently posted some interesting work regarding the Coordinator pattern. He also gave me some hope in 2016 when I suddenly felt the need to move abroad. Enjoy!

11: Ownership Manifesto


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