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Building a command line tool using the Swift Package Manager

This week, I’d like to take you on a bit of a “behind the scenes” of Marathon (a command line tool that enables you to easily run & handle Swift scripts), and provide a step-by-step tutorial on the setup I used to build it it using the Swift Package Manager.

Using protocol compositon for dependency injection

As the project grows and you need to inject more dependencies into your objects, you will end up having to refactor your methods a lot of times, as we all know Xcode doesn’t help with that. There is a more manageable way.

17 Xcode Tips and Tricks That Every iOS Developer Should Know

Xcode can be overwhelming to iOS developers, especially newbies, but fear not! We are here to help. The number of things that Xcode can help with and allow you to do is astronomical. Being familiar with your IDE is one of the easiest and best ways to sharpen your skills.

Improving Swift Debug Build Times

It’s well known that enabling Whole Module Optimization greatly reduces Swift build times, but did you know it’s possible to do this for debug builds without breaking the debugger? I didn’t.

What is the value of iOS code signing?

All those hours you spend on getting code signing to work properly on your machine, on your CI and on your co-workers Mac… your app and the App Store would be just a safe and secure without it.

Generic Delegate’s in Swift

By moving the generic constraint to the delegate we can now safely define an instance of ItemController and ensure our delegate callbacks are type-safe to the same concrete instance.

Updates: Apr 17, 2017

Fonts with Style

I really appreciate the preferred content size feature on iOS. This is the system setting that let’s you choose to make text smaller or larger than the default size. Apps that use Apple’s named font styles get properly sized variants of the system fonts

Reflectable enums in Swift 3

It’s important that the properties added to Contact have the exact same name as the properties they map to on the structs associated with the enum cases. The usage of Swift’s #function means that the name of the property which calls value(of:) is passed in as the propertyName argument.


Mobiconf 2016, John Sundell - Spotify

John Sundell is working as a lead iOS developer at Spotify - where he is both writing a lot of code - but also leading the development of the company’s component-driven UI framework. He presented: “Make Swift & JSON friends” talk during Mobiconf 2016!



🌈 The most sexy way to use images in Swift.


A Swift package for generating Xcode workspaces & playgrounds


MBIcons contains over 200 icons that can be resized to any dimensions as they are drawn using NSBezierPath.


A self-taught project of learning Swift by making some of Airbnb’s screens


FlippyBit for iOS!

It’s time to flip your bit! Party like it’s 1979!

SimPholders 3.0 RC

The trial version with no restrictions will work for 10 days. Requirements: OS X El Capitan or macOS Sierra and installed Xcode 7 or later.

The Remote Manifesto

At GitLab we love to work remotely, but that means we need to communicate as effectively as possible.


39: ABI Stability Boogeyman

This week we talk about Swift ABI stability, why you probably don’t need it, and new features we’d like to see instead.

48: Part II - Steven Berard - Head of Mobile at Event Farm & Learn Swift LA Session Leader

06: Swift 3.1 Release & SwiftPM Improvements

113 iPS Launching an App in the App Store with Matt Ronge

25. Interviewing, with Erica and Sara

This week, Soroush and Chris have two very special guests. Erica Gutierrez and Sara Ahmad were part of last year’s summer class at Flatiron School. Since then, they’ve had a lot of trouble landing junior positions at tech firms. Sara and Erica share their frustrations with the hiring and interviewing process over the last year.

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