This is the #20 article. I still contribute to Marathon. I fixed the bug in Files. I hope many people try to use Marathon ;)

In Xcode 8.3.1,

Due to the resolved app archives issue listed below, we will soon be deprecating Xcode 8.3, at which time app archives built with Xcode 8.3 will no longer be accepted by the App Store.



Map and filter get all the glory, but reduce is the quiet workhorse.

Stop weak-strong dance

Basically we generate a variant that takes N context arguments and N original function arguments and strongify them. A little boilerplate to remove a lot of boilerplate from your call-sites.

Style this: Image Name

Here’s what a refactored and Swiftier version of Brandon’s code might look like.

Thoughts on Swift access control

There has been a ton of debate on the swift-evolution mailing lists about access control in Swift. A couple of days ago, the proposal SE-0159: Fix Private Access Levels was rejected. I want to share my thoughts on this, as well as thoughts on the larger story for access control in general. But first, let’s begin with a brief history of access control in Swift.

Safety In Swift

Swift is a general-purpose programming language built using a modern approach to safety, performance, and software design patterns.

Optimizing your Swift Codebase with Attributes

This process is exactly how I started incorporating Swift’s attributes into my codebase. Swift supports a robust variety of attributes, and when browsing Github repos — we may see one or two we don’t recognize. If you’re like me, you might jot it down to Google later, and then be on your way.

Updates: Apr 9, 2017

Musings on Partial Application

Swift officially removed currying™ in Swift 3 but it didn’t remove partial application, the ability to create a function of smaller arity, where some parameters have already been assigned.



Require optional values to be non-nil, or crash gracefully


Easily run shell commands from a Swift script or command line tool


iOS app for Canvas V1



The fastest, most powerful mobile photo editing app.

Beautiful calculator app for Mac

Or Soulver?


Many of our engineers are embedded with our clients, working along side our client’s engineering staff as one unit — but still representing MartianCraft and the quality and standards of any of our engineers. Which can be a test for an engineer when it comes to the selection of third party code libraries.


36: Floating in Space

Reda and Jack talk about design from the perspective of a developer, why CSS sucks for layout, retro game making, and App Store things.

The More Than Just Code Podcast

We follow up with the iPhone and Mac merging as Apple patents a dock-able iPhone. We also follow up on guard vs if. We discuss writing high-performance Swift code and the ability of developers to respond to app reviews is now live. Apple’s WWDC website also include a code of conduct and info on child care services during the conference. The WWDC site also lists concurrent conferences happening nearby including Alt-Conf and CocoaConf Around the Corner. Picks: Xcode keyboard shortcuts for testing and TunnelBear.

日本の箱?? Bokksu

Classic Bokksu will take you on a gourmet journey through Japan each month. From Hokkaido white chocolate butter cookies to Kyoto matcha mochi to Kyushu mango chiffon cakes, get the experience of tasting authentic Japanese snacks delivered right to your door.

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