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System Level Breakpoints in Swift

Apple’s mapping of Objective-C API to Swift creates an altogether more enjoyable programming experience for Swift developers, but it can lead to great confusion if you don’t understand some of the implementation details, or how to work around lack of understanding. I hope this article gives you the tools you need to debug your Swift apps, and the Objective-C code that you are unavoidably leveraging, more effectively.

Common unit testing techniques on iOS

TL;DR - Most if not all unit test cases on iOS can follow the same commonly known pattern: GIVEN a set of initial conditions, WHEN something happens, THEN something is expected.

Introducing Plank: Immutable model generation for iOS

Plank is a valuable tool for building and scaling an immutable model layer. Generating code has saved us a lot of developer time and eliminated risk for common errors. It’s been tested heavily in production at Pinterest over the last year, and we’re excited to share this technology with the community.

Docs are here.

Simple Swift dependency injection with functions

Most of the time, we use protocols to enable dependency injection in Swift. For example, let’s say we’re writing a simple card game, where we use a randomizer to draw a random card from a deck

I always enjoy @johnsundell’s article about Swift:)

This gist is also interesting one!

Swift Needs a Scope Keyword

Swift’s namespacing is great. It’s quite common now to see nested types


Writing Swift code with great testability in NSBudapest



Emoji in Swift


A UITableView extension that enables cell insertion from the bottom of a table view.


Easy interactive interruptible custom ViewController transitions


a more visual way to convert timezones.

a more visual way of doing timezone conversions and mess around for a time when everyone is awake.

The 3 Types of Activities & 1 Gameshow That Helped Our Remote Team Bond on our 8th Retreat

The chance for in-person time is precious for a remote team. It had been over a year — 392 days to be precise — since saw each other at our last retreat in Hawaii.

I could know what a company retreat is in a remote work.

De-Location Package: Keep Your Career and Live Beyond the Bay Area

Zapier has always been a 100% remote team. We think you can work for a great company and live wherever you want. But for those of you in the Bay Area, it might not be as easy to make the swap to remote. So today we’re launching an experiment to help—a de-location package. But first some backstory on why.



21. try! Swift Tokyo

About try! Swift Tokyo conference

#71: Apps as Annuities

Accumulating a portfolio of apps that provide long-term income with minimal maintenance.

I like this kind of personal iOS application to solve a specific problem.

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