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Reactive MVVM

The MVVM architecture and the Reactive Programming paradigm can be combined to form a very pleasing approach to iOS app development. However, there’s no clear-cut way of incorporating the two, and the details of the implementation determine how testable, flexible or concise your code is. That’s why it’s interesting to look at a specific implementation, as we’ll do in this post today.

Firebase Remote Config and Swift

So you’ve seen Firebase Remote Config and decided that it would go great in your Swift project? You’re right, it will but if like me you’ve noticed that the design of the SDK doesn’t play very well with all of your other beautiful looking strictly typed Swift code then this post is for you.

A Sorted Array Implementation in Swift

In last weekʼs Swift Talk episode, Florian and Chris wrote a SortedArray type: an array that keeps its elements sorted according to a given sort predicate at all times. This is great because it encodes one more invariant in the type system — clients that use this type in place of a regular Array never have to worry about accidentally forgetting to keep the array sorted manually.

Retrospective: Swift at Artsy

This post will cover: What are Artsy’s apps?, Swifts positives and negatives for us, React Native, and our 1-year summary.

Swift Algorithm Club: Swift Merge Sort

In this tutorial, you’ll walk through one of the classics of sorting algorithms, the merge sort.

You can check other common sorting Algorithms in Swift here.

Building a LISP from scratch with Swift

In this article, we’ll implement a minimal LISP based on the 1978 paper by John McCarthy titled A Micro-Manual For Lisp - Not The Whole Thruth, that defines a small and self-contained LISP, as a Swift framework that will be able to evaluate strings containing LISP symbolic expressions.

RxSwift @ NSMeetup

I started looking into reactive programming and RxSwift late last year, and now it was my turn to be the noob explaining something at a meetup.

Swift snippet #9 — then

Both solutions are great & there’s nothing wrong with them 👍 But I feel safely unwrapping could get little better 🤔 Thus I made an extension on Optional & created a function then which executes a closure having its unwrapped value only if some exists! It could be used something like this:

Why String.CharacterView is not a MutableCollection

CharacterView does conform to RangeReplaceableCollection but not to MutableCollection. Why? A string is clearly mutable; it seems logical that it should adopt this protocol. Again, we need to consider the protocolʼs semantics.


Swift has access to all of the Objective-C APIs, which means that anything you could do with Objective-C you can now do with Swift. However, there are times when it is worth exploring a better, pure-Swift, alternative. This post explores the pros and cons of KVO versus a couple of Swift alternatives.

Being a Mutable Collection is not Sufficient to be a MutableCollection

The Collection protocol is the basis for collections in Swift. In addition to Collection, the standard library provides four protocols that collections can adopt to document additional capabilities. These protocols refine Collection — any type that conforms to one of them must also conform to Collection.

Swift Equatable and Comparable

Not sure when you should make your Swift types Equatable? What about Comparable? In this post I look at two common situations where using the Swift Standard Library gets easier when you do.

Promise Internals How I’ve built a Promise/A+ Library in Swift

In this article I would to give a deeper look inside the architecture of my Promise library: Hydra.


Network Testing

I am Pedro Piñera and I’m going to speak today about Network Testing.

Why Every Element of SOLID is Wrong by Dan North

Five minute Ignite-style talk from PubConf London 2016

MVVM with Coordinators and RxSwift

Every application needs good architecture. In his talk from Mobilization 2016, Łukasz will show you the architecture he uses in his iOS projects: MVVM with coordinators and RxSwift. Not only will he talk about basics, but he’ll include a live code demo, describing what belongs where, controlling the flow using coordinators, testing everything using Quick/Nimble, and making network requests using Moya.



The demo project for “Protocol-Oriented Programming in Networking”.

The author recently updated the code.


iOS app for


Send better feedback


30 mini Swift Apps for self-study


📱👀 In-App iOS Debugging Tool With Enhanced Logging, Networking Info, Crash reporting And More.


Swift µframework with extensions for the Optional Type


👽 Swift fake data generator

I just would like to gist about Composed character count.


Hire Sam

Hello there. I’m Sam. I was previously the VP of Engineering at Seesaw and Lead iOS Engineer at Hipstamatic. I’ve done work with North on Tiiny with Kevin Rose, Litely which was one of the Apps of the Year & Editor’s Choice on the App Store, and Canvas.

This is a top develope’s details! Wow!

Sleazy recruiting

Today I found out that I’m part of a class action lawsuit against a service that I never signed up for called TalentBin. As you have likely experienced, most recruiting in the tech industry is debase, disingenuous, boilerplate garbage. But this — this is definitely a new a low.

It’s interesting to check emails from recruiters. The same situation often happens in Japan!

Achievement Unlocked: January 2017

Amidst all the depressing stuff going on, it is sometimes healthy to celebrate the little victories of everyday life. Here is a round-up to follow up on the one I wrote a little over a year ago.

Appreciate Your Procrastination

I had a conversation with a friend recently, where she told me that it’s not about how you’re feeling, it’s about how you react to how you’re feeling. This feels especially applicable to me when it comes to procrastinating.

I found a related interesting topic How I Fight Procrastination and Usually Win.


Color is such a fundamental part of how humans understand the world that we often overlook how it is processed and why it influences us.


39: Greg Heo - iOS Engineer at Instagram

Greo needs no introduction. He’s a big part of the Swift community, especially Open Source Swift. Enjoy!

117: Cheap Assets

In this episode, Jack is joined by David Ventura to talk about hackintosh build servers, the hopelessness of the Xcode project file, and Unity3D.

The following podcast is hosted by playgroundscon.


Matt has worked as a Mac and iOS developer and consultant for more than a decade, working across a range of fields from video server software to weather apps. His website Cocoa with Love has offered in-depth articles on Mac and iOS development since 2007.


Jason is a Canadian iOS developer-turned-researcher, focused on education, programming environments, and creative power tools. He’s worked at companies doing social good, like Hopscotch, Khan Academy, and Meetup, and he dreams of a more enlightened society, empowered by computers.

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